So we're still counting down the day until xmas... I don't personally celebrate it, but it's a great excuse to get gifts! So what the hell, let's keep up our lists. Today's topic is Gifts for Gearheads and we've got quite the assortment.

We start with the essence of awesome, it's on every gearhead's must-have list, and I know I want one; the 6-speed aluminium Gearshit Knbo Umbrella! There's not much to say about this item. If you don't get its awesomeness right away, then you never will! From the folks at BTGMotoring.com, this item is just over 30 bucks and would make you wish every day was a rainy day. Why not shift your gift giving into overdrive with this functional and fashionable item!

Ok, I wanted to save these for the "Gear Head" gift list which is coming as our 12-days of Xmas shopping list gets underway in a few weeks... but I couldn't wait!

How awesome are these!? And you can pick them up for only 6 bucks... ok it's a lot for a keychain, but how many people have a turbo charger keychain? 

Check them out here : http://www.turbojunky.com/product/turbo-keychain

Cheers to the ridiculous, yet awesome!