What better way to reflect on life's moments of awesome than to be on the edge of your seat in shock and awe? Sometimes it's in our lack of understanding that we have moments of contemplation and realization that help us truly understand the awesome structure of our own world...  but then again, for whatever it's worth, some of us just love a magic show!

I'm very proud to present yet another amazing talent from the inexplicably random region called Niagara! Shaun Ferguson is a local performing artist that dazzles fans both on stage and right at your table. No smoke and mirrors behind this guy, it's legit. 

It was at the age of 11 that Shaun started performing before delighted audiences, and it wasn't long before this rising star caught the attention of the region. Time and time again his acts have brought disbelief and utter joy to both fans and strangers, young and old. His bag of tricks runs deep and he'll astound you with anything from coins and cards to flames, bottles, and what-ever else might come from his box of magical assortments. 

From birthday parties to just about any social function, Shaun has become one of, if not the most popular performer in the region, but don't take my word for it, check him out yourself. GotMagic.ca will get you in touch with Shaun, but why not catch him in action at the Welland M.T. Bellies on Niagara Street. Shaun performs here every Thursday and Friday so grab some friends and come tackle a few pints!
A picture's worth a thousand words, but this video will leave you speechless. You'll be beside yourself when you experience these shows, so what are you waiting for?

Cheers to illusionist and their ability to strike up our imagination and defeat our understandings of reality... awh hell, Cheers to Magic and Beer!

12/6/2010 08:45:37 am



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