Ahh, those hot summer days hang out on the banks of the Welland Canal. Beating the heat by sheltering from the blazing sun under a perched willow tree and wading into the cool refreshing waters. (Not to mention concealing your wine coolers and beer in inconspicuous bottles and cups...)

You can almost feel the humidity in your every breath but it's alright because the water is just right... Well, it's December now and those days are gone! Long gone in fact, but that doesn't mean the canal is off limits :)

This weekend, December 11th to be precise (that's Saturday if your too lazy to click on your calendar), we take a plunge for charity. That's right, it's time for a swim! At 11am the group of mildly insane philanthropists will be wading, shivering, and cringe their way into the frigid temperatures of the Welland Canal and all for a good cause.  

So come out on Saturday and encourage the polarbear wannabes. Just remember to bring a can or non-perishable food item for the Hope Center. (Also if you plan to dip, registration is 10 bucks and it gets you a raise the roof toque).

There will definitely be a blog and video up about it sometime early next week. There's even a good chance I take the plunge in a suit (It's all up to you guys what happens so leave a comment on what you think would be the funniest way to dive)

Check out more detail on the Tribune's site.

Hope to see you guys there,
Cheers to mild insanity (though this time mild is not going to describe the lunacy OR the temperature...I'm going to be begging for "mild" when I get in there!)



Y'kno, I wish the lighting was off...but that's the real colour...

So it's been decided (against my will) that I am to adorn this lovely (really kinda scary) sport jacket and tailored trouser ensemble (suit made from couch-weaving fabric) for the swim! I really hope you guys like this video because I'm going to lose all respect for myself (I don't have any respect for me, that's why I'm on the internet) and I won't be able to live this moment down (there's a good chance after these waters that it takes my testicles a week to reappear! :S) So with this being said, I hope you all remember to donate generously this holiday season. Particularly to needy food banks. Because without them, I wouldn't be the only one freezing my gonads off this winter. (And without your donations of food and clothing, the less-fortunate might have to wear really tacky suits like this one!)

So cheers to those making a difference, and the support from our community!


P.S. All funds raised go towards the Hope Centre and Salvation Army. Visit the hope center's website at http://www.thehopecentre.net/

12/7/2010 09:36:48 am

So what do you guys think. Am I taking the dip in a suit? Or is there another hilarious way for me to be humiliated and tortured? haha

12/7/2010 11:57:38 am

I thought we already went over this you have to do it dressed like a nineteen-eighties car salesman!!!! hahahaha

12/7/2010 12:00:04 pm

I think I actually have a suit that might work for that :P
I thought you guys were kidding about the car salesman. I don't have enough hair to slick it back now!! lol
but I do have a blue Italian suit that looks like it either belongs in a shady disco joint or at a carlot in the 80's

12/7/2010 12:10:06 pm

hahahhaha! YES!!! you owe it to the ning now! Don't break a nerd promise there are like millions of us! we'll find you! >:D

12/7/2010 12:13:27 pm

haha I'm going to take this to the chat and see who else wants to comment :P I think a polarbear plunge in a blue suit would be kinda funny now that I think about it... I wonder if people would legit watch that as a video. hmmm

12/7/2010 12:14:22 pm

and why did your comment stay black?? WTH! You broke my site! lol

12/7/2010 12:15:48 pm

LOL! I didn't do anything! It's just because it felt the black rage inside of me because you were thinking of breaking the promise!!!! that and I'm awesome! So yeah!

12/7/2010 12:26:34 pm

i dont know what the "ning" is but I think a car salesman walking into a lake would look hilarious... isn't there a movie like that where a guy walks into a lake to drown himself. haha

12/7/2010 12:29:07 pm

haha U should do it in a tutu!! Id watch that shit!hahah
but seriously a suit would be funny to. is this like a common thing for canadians to swim in freezing ass water??? lol you guys are nuts!
but seriously doing it in a suit sounds funny. at least youll be the only one. i think so atleast haha

12/7/2010 12:31:29 pm

@ nikki the ning is a nerdfighter site, it's by the guys whose videos I post (the nerdfighter/vlogbrothers...)
and TT I best I will be the only one who's not just in a bathing suite.
It's not terribly common but it's a funny way to raise money for charity. It happens a bunch around here because we have the great lakes... I don't know if many other places in Canada do it... I shall google it lol

12/7/2010 12:41:52 pm

Ok so this is the suit I have
and you can see why I don't mind it being destroyed :P LoL
So that's that. I'm gonna get suited up like a moron in that thing (which just barely fits, i just tried it on) and I'm going to "swim". Its going to look like a bad montypython sketch or something, but it should be fun :P lol

12/8/2010 08:42:11 am

hahaha! That suit is awful! Where did you find it!! That's going to be hilarious can't wait to see the video!!

12/8/2010 08:44:37 am

I don't remember why I got that one but it's been in the basement for years. I think it's time it had a final farewell... lol. The video should be up by Monday if all goes well. There should even be video from in the water cause I'm bringing the Olympus Tough out with me.
The video quality is crap from that cam, but it's waterproof so it will have to do :P

Derek Humphries
12/11/2010 08:11:44 am

I will let everybody know that he fit the 80's car salesman to a T


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