For Erie receives some unlikely guests from Toronto; any fans of the show Corner Gas will recognize the face of "Dan Phillips", played by Canadian actor Fred Ewanuick, in his new role on CBC's Dan for mayor. Hailing from Port Moody, B.C., Fred commented on the Niagara weather saying “It’s not so bad,” the temperature was -1 with wind-chill making it feel like -7, “No, that’s a lie. We don’t get this weather on the west coast.”

The cast and crew spent the weekend at the old fort filming different scenes from different angles and noting: “We looked at Fort York (Toronto) and Fort George (Niagara-on-the-Lake) and here,” The producer Sue Murdoch said. “We were looking for something that was small so we wouldn’t have to do a lot of running back and forth. Fort Erie was a little further to come but it’s perfect.”

This is the first time that we are aware of that Fort Erie Ontario receives CBC, or any national broadcaster. It's very nice to see that Niagara's scenery, cultural artifacts and our picturesque historical landmarks are drawing attention from far and wide. As industry in the region plummets we are very grateful for tourism and we thank the CBC for noticing us. The fort will be renamed "Fort Wessex" for the sake of the show's plot, but we'll all know that it's Old Fort Erie on our sets.

The 39 year old actor was pleasantly surprised by the welcoming atmosphere of the fort and was even a little out of his element, “This is my first time working in a fort,” Ewanuick said. “Usually we’re just filming out on the street.” The show spends most of its time filming in the urban setting of Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario. He went on about the scenes of the Niagara River, “It’s cool,” he said. “It’s beautiful here. We drove down past all the big houses along the river.”
“I don’t come out this way and have never seen the Buffalo skyline before. Yesterday we saw the sunrise over the skyline. It was beautiful.”

The new season of "Dan for Mayor" airs in January, the episode with our fort in it will likely show sometime in April 2011. 

Cheers to Niagara being attractive, to the film industry at the very least.


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