St.Catharines's mayor, Brian McMullan, was on site today at the ceremonial "ground breaking" (more of a Fence-knocking-over) for the new Performing Arts Center to be built next year on St.Paul street.

As mentioned in the previous entry to the blog, the new performing arts center will be built on the corner of Carlisle and St.Paul streets. The new complex will be yet another addition to St.Paul, while attempts to jazz up downtown are being executed from all corners.

St.Catharines City Mayor and Guests topple the first bricks.

First the city began demo of buildings to extend the bus-depot, then they converted the streets to two-way to increase accessibility and flow through the downtown core; This new project is on a long list of rehabilitation efforts that we will see implements in the near future. It's about time we start treating St.Catharines as a city on the rise. For too long conservatives have kept the city in a perpetual cycle of ghost-town efforts.

Buildings being marked as historic, when in fact they are just simply old. This trend seems to be in reverse as we see, now, more and more efforts to prove that St.Catharines is not just a town with history, but a town with a future!

Seems that headphone-earmuffs were a brilliant idea on this chilly December morning

The media was out bearing the cold with us; CHCH News and local papers and television broadcasters found their way through the small crowd to get the best shots of the speeches and the final knocking down of the first bricks.

The ceremony was over in a short 45 minutes, but no one seemed to worry about it's brevity as the temperature fell into the negatives this morning.

As promised here is the video of the grand-finale of the ceremony. "Mr. Radom-construction-guy-#2; TEAR DOWN THIS WALL, (or, urr, fence-looking-thing)!"

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