If anyone has a nicer photo, email me :)

It was the warmest December morning in years, but that didn't help us very much at all. The temperature of the Welland Canal was a mere 5 degrees Celsius and the air was a crisp 2. There were probably a couple dozen jumpers that took part in the dive which means we must have raised at least a couple hundred dollars and a bunch of food for the cause.

The event itself went very well, no one got hurt and by my counts everyone surfaced from the plunge. (Yes, I wore the suit, and I hate you all for it)

I may add to this blog later tonight, I just wanted to get the video up for everyone like I promised I would. 

mandi b
12/13/2010 04:17:31 am

haha. lmao youre crazy for doing thatpolar bear plunge !

12/13/2010 05:47:04 am

Great job! Nice footage, brave!

Derek Humphries
12/13/2010 07:27:42 am

Thanks for Coming out I hope you enjoyed yourself. Make sure you keep in contact and come back out next year,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


12/13/2010 10:38:19 am

Hey for sure :) I had a lot of fun! I think everyone did. Keep me posted on other events you guys put together. I'll be sure to spread the word and come out again!



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