Where your focus falls...

Might as well start with the banner image. 
This photo was taken on the brink of the Niagara Escarpment between the Niagara Falls and the Rainbow Bridge. It's significance is to reflect how, as a local, we often ignore the iconography that is associated with the Niagara Falls. We take for granted the falls and their beauty and often pass by them with little focus on their culture, economical, and emotional significance on our daily lives as a citizen of the Niagara Region. 

Only faintly can you distinguish the American Falls lit behind the main focus of the trees. I wanted to portray our lack of focus on the large things and our concentration on lesser and more mediocre aspects of the surrounding that we find ourselves in. 

12/17/2010 01:40:11 pm

Amzing how proximity can mess with you,
it is hard to imagine being this close to the falls and not focusing on them. Certainly you could have felt their rumbling at your feet from where you stood... and yet your focus is drawn to a maple key!
I love this focus...


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