What then is trash at all?

This image pulls my mind in a few different directions; it evokes a slew of strange notions about litter and about it's effects on the world around us. Now I'm not going to argue that litter isn't a bad thing, because it is, it's a terrible thing, but this image also shows us that it's not a new thing either. This car was likely discarded from a vehicle along this country road some 20-30 years ago. The idea that litter is an awful thing dates back many decades before this, but doesn't this just prove that it's not such a big deal? It's not like it's impossible to take a hike in this world today without crawling through heaps and mounds of trash. It's not as if the world is coming to a standstill after decades and decades of littering. So is it really a big deal?

The other side to this image is the face that the litter remains here, in its resting spot, even after a couple or so decades. So this is evidence that litter is indeed a terrible thing that is much more permanent than we sometimes think. So this image then gives me a lot to think about. Part of me even wonders why I left the can there... it's almost an antique. Part from it's slightly faded print, it's still in really good shape. So what then constitutes litter at all? Is this just an antique waiting to be discovered and cherished, or is it just trash? Does the value of a discarded item determine it's position in the hierarchy of trash?

A penny tossed on the ground in rarely called litter, but then would an equal amount of copper wire carelessly strewn about the soil be any more or less of an offence? Just how do we classify litter then, and is it entirely a big deal at all?

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