Happy Sushi is Happy :)

The last few posts have had interesting and deep connotations and I want to remind everyone that art can be funny too. (Not that I would call this "art", but it's still one of my cherished photographic memories.) This photo just sort of reminds me that it's okay to be a kid now-and-again. It's alright to laugh at the insignificant or mediocre things in life that might bring you a smile. This sushi, for example, was some of the most bland and boring sushi we ever made...and yet, a couple of them came out smirking at us, almost as it to say "Hey man, you fail!"
It's these little moments, the memories and little laughs and joys, that we need to cherish. These are the elements that keep us sane. These are little little moments of insanity that keep us going. If it wasn't for this little piece of paradoliatic-humour, I would probably have been disappointed in this sushi. Eating it with a smile however, somehow made it all better.

Life is best when it's shared with good friends, good times, and when taken with good humour. If we can't laugh at the random, can we really laugh at anything at all. So this photo just reminds me that life's hilarious...go out and enjoy it!

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