Why Cons? Are they the ultimate shoe?

While on a midnight stroll the other day I came across a few dozen of these...

They are the instantly recognizable aftermath of the impact made by a Nike Converse Chuck Taylor shoe. There were a few of them about, in multiple size and it made me think... These shoes were once a very popular style of shoe. Back in the 70's they were the cheap alternative to having nice shoes and you could find their think fabric makings on any shelf of a discount shoe outlet... Today they have become a fashion statement owned by the Nike corporation.

So what then do they symbolize? I personally wear a lot of Chuck Taylors for their fit and their colours. Many others I'm sure feel the same. So are they "hip" now. They are of course no longer the "cheap" alternative, so what explains their popularity...

The style might make a child of the 70's reminisce about the good old days; a child today might see them as retro and chique. Some see them as expressionist, some others as individual markers of style and choice. So it is possible that the Chuck Taylor is the ultimate crowd pleaser in the shoe world? I think it's a fair assumption to make.

But then again, I make some crazy assumptions and call them fair...

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