It's one of those nights...

A mixture of chemicals and poisons kills us all slowly, and yet allows us to live more thoroughly than anyone ever anticipated.
There were decades in the past known as "The Great Binge" (1870–1914) described as a period in history given by social historians, due to Absinthe in Europe and other dangerous drugs such as heroin being commercially available... during this time people created incredible art, made strides in humanitarian progress and provided entertainment for generations to come.

This period saw a spike in life expectancy and gave the people of it a sense of positive outlook as a general trend. This federal optimism pushed the populous to generate a cultural impact second to few other times in history. All this to say that living the straight edge might get you further in years, but doesn't mean you live more actual life. So soak up the richness that is all that life offers....

Remember that all things are swell in moderation and the key is not to get carried away (far) [it's important to let things carry you as far as your imagination and strengths are strong enough to bring you back from. Lose yourself in the moments, but don't lose yourself in time!


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