Hey look, it's the World Famous Vinny's! ...ummm...wait....

I should star by saying that this blog is in no way sponsored by Vinny's and that I am not receiving and compensation in money or meatballs for any unintended publicity this may incite. You are in no way encouraged to run out and eat at Vinny's, (legally I should mention that you are not to avoid eating at Vinny's, it's just that...ugh, n/m! Just read the rant...)
This is something that I noticed while wandering aimlessly through Niagara Falls, Canada, on another caffeine high. Wandering the town is something we do often, but lately I've found myself to have a strangely cynical outlook on modern "culture," which is to say the "culture" that surrounds the tourist-oriented lanes of Niagara Falls. Let me clarify a bit by explaining this particular discovery. 

Vinny's is an Italian-American Eatery; the issue isn't with this strange stereotype existing in Canada, making it an Italian-American Canadian eatery, nor is it with the restaurant itself. I'm sure it's a great restaurant. I have never been myself, but it seems successful and I've never heard any complaints, so I'm sure it's at very least an adequate eatery for the tourist population that comes through the falls. No, all of this is just fine; The issue I take with this is indeed the pretentious neon-exclamation to be read above the name: "World Famous Vinny's".

I mean, let me get this straight; You're world famous, as a restaurant, so everyone knows about you. That's awesome; way to go... somehow though, I just don't buy it. I'm not saying that there can't be a world-famous restaurant called Vinny's that's famous and such, not at all. What I am saying is that you've sorta blown your cover.

If "Vinny's" is indeed world famous, I don't see the point in a neon sign indicating just that. I mean, Charley Sheen...he's world famous, without question, but he doesn't wear a name-tag that says "world famous" (even though I bet he'd absolutely love it!)
No, Sheen's fame comes from being known by so many, which is, by definition fame. The main characteristic of fame is the ability to be recognized without having to go around telling people you're famous... otherwise you're clearly barely known and require and introduction.

Where does that leave our "Vinny's" then? If the restaurant is genuinely "world-famous" then the sign is a redundant waste of money and of our time reading it. If however, the sign isn't a waste, then it's a lie, because by virtue of necessity it becomes redundant.

So I'm not entirely sure "Vinny's" is world famous at all, I think it's a ruse... furthermore, I've never eaten at a "Vinny's" and just learned tonight that it exists... 


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