See the city lights... (Solve the Puzzle?)

I've often said that one-day I will tour Niagara Falls and create an album of all the burnt-out lights. They're not hard to spot; I would argue that at least one in three signs is missing at least one letter. This particular one made me laugh as I blurted out "I'm a heater" and confused my wandering mate. It's always more fun when the burnt out signs spell things.

There was an entire winter where the IMAX THEATER read "IMA THEATER" which was fun because it sort of work regardless of the lack of original intent. Tonight however, wish the temperatures just above freezing, I wondered if "I'm a heater" was any less appealing than the original sign...

It's still a lot better than the MYS ERY MAZE, or the restaurant that was serving BLACK AN US BEEF...


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