I see your redundant light and raise you two!

So I was walking through the park the other week and I found something peculiar... there is an astonishingly large number of trees in this park that have wires. Thinking nothing of it I noticed the wires led to lights which, for the most part made sense. For a romantic whimsical look the park's commission set lights to shine onto the trees and illuminate the foliage in the spring and summer. This is a great idea, I thought, until I came across this...
They have lit the light that lights the trees? Really? Am I seeing this right. Certainly one of those lights must be broken or inactive. Maybe it's just too high to remove so they left it up there... I returned a few hours later to investigate:
Both the lights worked. They both lit the tree and seemed to light themselves lighting the tree... Now I know that this is the site not far from where Nicholas Tesla and Thomas Edison battled it out. They fought between AC and DC powers and practically invented modern electricity but aren't we taking this a little far? Isn't lighting our redundant lights a little bit much? 
Maybe I'm just nuts, but if someone would like to explain this to me... that'd be great.


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