Port names, why isn't this common knowledge yet?

A friend called me up today, setting up a new computer. She was having some problems with plugging in her peripherals to the tower.

"So it's the one that looks like a duck?"

"You mean the USB port?"

"The flat one... it looks like a rectangle duck..."

Now I knew what she meant (having done tech-support over the phone for Apple and for an American phone line, I've heard them say it all). She just needed to plug in the USB mouse and keyboard. So close to a working computer and yet linguistically...so far!

So I thought I'd post this chart. It's not the newest chart online, but it does cover the most common of all ports you'll ever run in to. Click on the chart for a larger view and remember, a little effort will keep you from being mocked before all the geeks when you hang up that phone :)

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Cheers to the divide between geeks and the rest. It's about time that computer lingo becomes common knowledge, I think.

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