I Think the LCBO is losing it...

I don't mean to bad-mouth the LCBO, per se. I mean, they are only a legally instated monopoly that denies the average Canadian access to affordable alcohol even when it's wine that grows in our own backyards. They are a bureaucracy of overpaid executives that limit the flow of booze to a nation renown for its consumption.
All of that aside, I just want to remind the LCBO customers who read this blog (not that I'm saying a lot of you enjoy the drink, but...) the LCBO is ours. So never be afraid to hold them to the standards you expect of them. Our tax money keeps this business from having competitions and from having to answer to the market. When you see things like this image above, don't be afraid to talk to the manager.
It's illegal in Ontario to sell a bottle of "Ice Wine 08", or any other wine, with a masking tape label. This is rude and insulting to the standards customers of the LCBO should have set for our government mandated option. 

There is no excuse for companies without competition to have low standards. We as customers can't let the market decide; there is no capitalism involved. So remember that in most cases, when dealing with the government, bitch! and ye shall receive.


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