Does my School think we're retarded?

I'm not too big on warning labels in the first place; most of them make me laugh. There is a whole word on unbelievable warnings that worry me out there. From Tupperware that warns against putting babies in it, to labels on soap that suggest you "use as regular soap"... There is a slew of unimaginably specific and oddly suggestive cautionary tales in our society, but those are usually the result of legal matters. You now at some point someone lost a child to a horrible Rubermaid accident and suddenly every plastic box needed a "Do not store your children in here" label. You know that lawsuits and litigious junkies drive these labels and probably get odd on their esoteric suggestions. This is all good and innocent, but let me tell you whey these images bug me...
My school has recently posted on our fireplaces "Caution Hot Surface". Now the rest of the sign is acceptable. It goes on to tell you not to fiddle with the knobs and such, which is probably good advice, but "hot" ? It's a fireplace! Frankly I'd be a little disappointed to touch this and it not be hot!

So this is a school to further people's education. To train the future workforce and to drive innovation and design. Everything from engineering to medical aids wander these halls and still, for some reason, we seem to need an indicator to remind us. So here's my public-service-announcement of the day: "Warning! Caution! Beware! Citizens of the world, 'Fire Hot'!"


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