EarthHour, a Canadian's excuse for another beer.



It's not every day that the world takes an hour off to chill out. Every March, people from around the globe take a moment, (granted that means 31 different "times" because of time-zones). Among other ways to celebrate, like stories and boardgames, many of us resorted to the company of good friends and cold beer.

I honestly believe that this should be a monthly affair and we should have mandatory kick-back times. In lieu of that, here's how we did on the yearly event:

-134 Countries took part in this year's event
-422 Canadian Cities too part
-CN Tower, Parliament Buildings, Niagara Falls and the Lions Gate Bridge, took part
-In St.Catharines alone, a 5.5Megawatt decrease was seen. (That's 4.4%) , enough to power 241 houses for 24 hours in Niagara.

I hope you enjoyed your EarthHour and I hope you've given more thought as to the kinds of entertainment you can conjure up without relying on electricity. Conservation is all about moderation. We can all do our part to use a little less.


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