A Sign from Above...!

I spend a lot of time looking up. I'm not looking for answers, or trying to contact a divine creator or deity of any sort. I'm just an average sized guy and so there are plenty of things above my head... I was thinking the other day about signs. The random things that we read every day, usually without really giving any of them much thought. There are so many signs in the world that give us useless information. It's not the sign's fault, nor is it really the sign itself that's the issue... just the application.
Take this sign for example... 
I don't think many people would ride this bus, sans the sign, and fall down the one step that leads to the back seats. I don't think this sign is really all that necessary, but imagine it in a different location. What if this sign wasn't on random buses, but in a useful place like a dictator's mirror. It would have to be written in another language I'm sure, but how nice you it have been if Mumbarak had subconsciously registered the message.
Alas, the sign clings so casually to the ceiling of the bus... so uselessly warning riders of the step in a round-about way. 
Cheers sign.


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