Rewarding participation

The City of St.Catharines has recently been very active on their Facebook account. It's interesting to see that the city if being represented online by their Corporate Communications Assistant Tiffany Mayer. The idea of the city encouraging people to become active online is a great thing, in my opinion. I think more towns and cities should really consider a digital representative. 

You can find the City of St.Catharines on Facebook by clicking on their name in this sentence. Liking them and participating in some of their contests is actually quite fun, and best of all they may even send you a little treat if you win.

I just received this letter from the corporation's Recreation & Community Services Dept. with a two-for-one coupon at the city-owned Garden City Golf Course. All it took was answering a fun-fact trivia in a status update. (I don't Golf, but my father will likely get use from the coupon so it's still a fun prize.) The best part about this is that it's clearly being run by people who care. No auto-filled forms and cheap cop-out prizes. The card was filled and signed by hand by someone who clearly enjoys their job and their city.

Stay in touch and keep up-to-date on what's happening in your city and region. Talk with representatives and get answers to civic questions. Share ideas, stories, pictures, memories and more and connect with your community! 

Cheers to St.Catharines and their progression into the digital age. A great big thanks to those who make our region one of the best to live in throughout all of Southern Ontario. 

Great work :)

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