In this day and age... Really?

I'm not going to start a whole religious debate on here, and that's not what I'm after. I am genuinely surprised at this billboard that I saw the other day. It's not that I'm terribly surprised that there still exist fundamentalist christians who have a hard-on for end-times. I understand that there are some people who can't wait to see any prophecy come true, and the prophecy of choice always seems to be Judgment Day!

Now I for know that this billboard is lying. It's hopeful, but it's just that and nothing more. The reason I know that is simple. Their were men who put this together (admittedly they could have used a few classes in Photoshop, but that's a different rant.) These men were not clairvoyant, nor do they posses any powers that I do not. They are no less human that you reading this text right now. There is no way to know categorically what will happen May 21, but I'm putting my bet on the side of reason.

If you still think that maybe these guys are on to something - maybe you crept on to their website foolishly and actually believed any of the dribble - I present you with this: 

Top 10 Failed Apocalyptic Prophecies 

I think that title is sort of self-explaining. The fact that this billboard was erected is no surprise; The location, however, is what disturbs me. It was placed South of the Bible-Belt. It's not on a road-side somewhere in East-Texas or South-Louisianan... no, this billboard is brightly lit on the side of Prince Charles Rd. in Welland Ontario. A full 800 kilometers North of the belt.

I would think in a place like this we wouldn't have these insane billboards. Traditionally our churches have made it difficult for the atheists of the area to make a cogent argument against organized-religion. Our churches, for the most part, have donated money to the poor and helped the needy. They have been an arguably positive addition to rural townships and they have been a, albeit slightly corrupted, force for good. 

Thanks Ontario's religious for the reminder that wasting money and being ridiculous and slightly cynically-insane is at the forefront of what we perceive as "organized-religion".


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