It all started like this...

So I told you that I've been busy and I'm going to do my best to recap the events of the last...month...or two? 
There have been many random adventures since the end of the winter term and I've tried to capture most of them photographically... so let's just jump right into those.

...the helicopter flew overhead...

So last time I was here... there was a helicopter flying overhead and we were all bracing for the end of the world...

...then the world didn't end...

The end of the world didn't happen... and shamelessly the Apocalyptic posters were taken down and replaced with a 6 foot tall Iced Cap

...then a guy in a plaid jacket showed up...

Steven Page at Illuminaqua

he signed his own forehead.


So we stuck around to watch him and sing on the water...

...and that pretty much concludes the first day of adventures. Check back for more updates as i slowly lay out all the wacky stuff we've done this spring. I promise I'll get back to weekly updates soon as the summer gets fired up.


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