Think outside of the box... it might surprise you.

The Drive-Inn theater is a staple in North America. Since the birth of car-culture, there have been people who chose to give up the couch for a parking lot.

It makes no logical sense, really. You voluntarily pay extra to take a drive out into a muddy field. Once parked in the field, which has temporarily become a parking lot of other people who've clearly been fooled into the same con as you have, you set up camp. Now you wouldn't be so lucky as to be driving a convertible, so you pitch some chairs and blankets and sit uncomfortably... you stare off into the distance at what appears to be the corrugated roof from an old barn.
The smell of popcorn is overpowered by the aroma of deet-infused bug repellents and you start to think to yourself, "What the hell are we doing here?" 

...then it hits you...

...those people on their couches, locked inside on this beautiful night, are missing out. 


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