Friendship - Blood-Lust ratio:

Tonight's adventure took a friend's basement where we chose a "board game" to play. I say board game like that because this one was sort of a dungeons and dragons style of "board". (The type of things you build as you play.) So the game brought up a principal I've long thought about on game nights; the idea that friendship and the need to kill seem to have a direct causal link.
It would see that from Monopoly to UNO there is a connection between how much you like a person and how much you want to see them fail miserably at their act. Of course this doesn't work in teams...but in a mono-a-mono battle the effect is present. If someone is a real close friend, the second the game starts, the gloves are off and it's straight for the arteries with the attacks.

I just thought I'd share this bit of trivia with you so you might casually observe the effect on your next friendly game-night.
It's difficult to contest as I've never had an enemy-based game night, nor am I planning to any time soon. I'm not sure what I'll call the effect yet, but I'm to suggestions.


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