Fast Facts:
Bottled 1989
Origin: Canada, Walkerton, Ontario
Bottle size: 750
40% Alc/Vol.

The site is called WhiskyGuyD for a reason! Wines are fantastic and wonderful, but make way! Because whisky takes center stage.

Here's a whisky that you'd be put on probation for mixing with. This isn't you're bottom shelf C.C. Unlike the usual 10 and 12 year old whiskies from this distillery, this small batch amber gem is a full two decades old.

The aroma of oak in this whisky is easily twice that of it's milder cousin the C.C. Premium. The colour is considerably darker too. With a hue of red and gold this delicious whisky is notably one of the best this blogger has ever tasted.

On the palate, this whisky is slightly softer than most. The extended period of oak aging has imparted a honey and butterscotch essence to this young adult.

On the nose, hints of fresh green rye and light smoky aroma dominate. The artificial and nearly medicinal scent that plagues the younger Canadian Club 12 year old are almost completely absent. After a couple sips, returning to the glass for another sniff yields a citrus aroma characteristic of ageing in younger, mildly charred barrels.

The mouth-feel is mild and soothing though not as soft as a malted scotch. The character of Canadian Rye is still clearly displayed making this whisky a quintessential exemplar of Canadian Whiskies. From its spicy entrance, to its long and warm finish, this whisky is to be enjoyed neat. 

It's a popular delicacy in the far-east, particularly in Japan, and it's a prime export from a country that knows its stuff! I definitely recommend this whisky as a special treat to those who are worth it. These bottles don't come cheap and they should be savoured with the best of company.

Cheers to bottles that have seen as many sunrises as I have,



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