Fast Facts:
Bottled 2007
Origin: France; Labouré-Roi
Bottle size: 750
12% Alc/Vol.

So this is a brilliant little Syrah, or for the Aussie-lovers Shiraz, from the Bourgogne region (That's the burgondy region for the anglos). The wine presents itself with the typical plum colour one would anticipate from a resonable young Syrah; the hue is slightly rusty and definitely worthy of being called burgundy. On the nose I would say it's a rather understated scent. Not terribly ripe and mostly scented of blackcurrant and dark berries with a hint of oak and an almost Port aroma.

2007 was a smashing year for Niagara and NewWorld wine, very typical for French wines.
The mouth-feel is a bit puckery with light tannins; the acidity is low to medium and the finish is cleared up with a mouthwatering after-effect. Sugars are low for a young wine but indicative of a Vin de Pays D'Oc style. This wine would likely not hold up to any more cellaring and should be consumed shortly after purchase. If served at anything below 8deg.C. expect the wine to lose its sweetness and present itself as much more acidic.

The taste is roundly berries and smacks of concord grape. Fruity but not terribly sweet, the taste is quickly moved from the tongue and wiped clean by the balance of acids. A note of oak keeps the berries in check and a hint of black pepper presents itself on the finish.

Verdict: This is a great table-wine to be served with crackers and cheese, as many Burgundian wines are. I would recommend  pairing this wine with a bbq-style pork or with shrimps and seafoods served with seafood sauce. The peppery finish makes this wine pair wonderfully with soups or stews that are noticeably salty, but I would avoid serving it next to any spicy dishes. The price matches the quality very nicely and this wine gives a round and colorful drinking experience for the entry-level oenophile, or the light-hearted wine-lovers alike.

I would call this wine average, but recommendable.

Cheers to good wines served in great company,

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