Calvin & Hobbes, where are they now?

Unless you've spent the last 20 years living under a rock, you're familiar with one of my childhood heroes. It's been 26 years since the intrepid child and his feisty feline companion started their adventures in 1985. Creator Bill Watterson put an end to the mischievous duo in the last days of 1995. 

The comic was filled with life situations, family laughs, political gaffs and satire. If you've ever wondered what the duo might be up to today, 15 years since they'd stopped entertaining us on paper, you're not alone. Comic artist Dan and Tom Heyerman (Click here for bios) of Pants are Overrated comics, imagined what Calvin & Hobbes would be today. To bring you up to speed, Calvin's already married Susie and they've had a daughter...Bacon.

Enjoy... (Click on Image for larger view)
Cheers to our childhood and how, though we're leaving it behind by the minute, we will never let it go!