Cats, they fascinate us, entertain us, keep us company... they are one of the worlds most popular pets, and probably the oldest domesticated animal. So have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a cat? The folks at Purina (Friskies) did, and that's why they fitted a little feline friend with a special camera and sent him on his merry way. 

The clips aren't the steadiest, but they are from a really interesting perspective. From play-time to nap-time, cat-fights and even a scene eating a spider! These clips are worth watchin'

For being the first movie ever filmed by a cat, this is pretty interesting stuff. I'm still waiting for them to fit cats like "lasers" but until then this will have to do:

Cheers to wishing you were a cat... all that napping...


You may not have heard it, but long-time friend of the blog (and inhabitant of the LoLvo) Dead Fred has recently done some cameo work for a fantastic YouTube video! It's always been Dead Fred's dream of being cast in a YouTube vid, ever since he was Little Deady Freddy; It wasn't a terribly large part in the movie...more of a flash cameo. 

Try to see if you can spot him!

And when you're done, check out Josh's channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/joshsaltzman

Cheers to small media making us laugh; YouTubers are made of awesome!

Why did the duck cross the road? Might have been the torrent of wind that blew it's freakin' chicks off...their feet... n/m, just watch this video and try to resist the urg to reach towards your screen to help the little ducklings! :P
Oh good they're ok...OH NO THEY'RE NOT! Awwww the poor duckies...     
Yeh, you know you thought it...

Cheers to nature being every bit as cruel to creatures regardless of their cuteness,