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A Desire Path cuts through a park in Munich Germany
Desire lines, social trails, desire paths... you've probably never heard the term but I'll bet each and every one of you have walked one at some point in your lives. These are the unmarked paths that seem to form in any forest, park, campus, or public space, and yet they never seem to follow the actual path. So why are they?
Well, to understand desire paths fully requires years of study in both human behavioral psychology, and human geography; but to offer a glimpse into their existence is rather simple. Desire paths are beaten down by many individuals (usually) and often connect two popular locations via the shortest possible route. This often doesn't fit the "design" elements of the parks.
So next time you feel you're falling off the trail in favour of a road less traveled, remember all those who stomped before you. Desire paths are essentially democratic trails voted on one step at a time.

Cheers to collective good and natural trails. Never follow the only beaten path!