Well THAT got your attention... time to disappoint the horny and arouse the geeky! (It's kinda what I do) So anyone who's a child of the 90's had found themselves signing "If I had a million dollars" or pretending to sing "One Week". (Yeh, we've all heard you do it and we're not convinced!)

"[...]Hold it now and watch the hoodwink
As I make you stop, think
You'll think you're looking at Aquaman
I summon fish to the dish, although I like the Chalet Swiss
I like the sushi 
'cause s nemer too FRY Pan!
Hot like wasabe went eye bus rimes
Bit light lean *cough*imes
Because I'm all about VALUE
Bercampfert's got the mad hits
You something something... try to hold me but I bust through

No shame in it, it's not the end of the world... (because if you were trying to sing the end of the world you'd get less that that out!)

In reality the little bit of (slightly geeky) awesome is the combination of Canadian icons and superstars (success may be wildly over exaggerated, but what's awesomness without a little hyperbole?) Great Big (freakin!) Sea and the Barenaked Ladies (not actually naked [or ladies]) in concert; Live from Niagara Falls Canada! Ringing in 2011 on a (hell'uva) highnote!