Bill O'Reilley continues beating dead horse...

Of course I mean that metaphorically... although that would make for a much better video! No this is just Bill O'Reilley jabbering on again about how the tides prove there's a God... try to watch this without laughing, it ruins the drama.
Please, would someone take the camera away from Grampa! He's going to hurt the global IQ level...

So here's how it breaks down; There is everything wrong with Bill's argument, and anyone with an IQ above 30 could figure that out. (Oh yeh... you can take a break from eating paste, view this video, laugh knowingly, and go right back to your sticky bowel obstruction!) There is however one thing that bugs me about these videos; Bill keeps telling everyone that tides are regular. (He also tells you he talks to an imaginary friend and asks him for stuff...but ignore that for now.)
Bill, let me introduce you to what Canada calls "Grade 8 Science". Now I know this stuff can be a bit scary... but here's some light reading for you:
"AN abnormally high tide was experienced down the east coast of Britain on Saturday last, January 7,[1905] extensive areas being flooded and considerable destruction wrought. At 6 p.m. on Friday, January 6, as shown in the Meteorological Office reports, a very deep cyclonic system appeared over the upper part of the North Sea, the barometer at Sumburgh Head having fallen quickly to 28.7 inches." -Nature, Internation weekly journal of science.

"Tuesday, April 13, 2010- THE Fiji Meteorological Service has noted an abnormally low sea level in Rotuma.
Meteorology director Rajendra Prasad said the department had come up with two observations which included the negative sea level anomaly and the low astronomical tide. He said that there was a negative sea level anomaly with a negative 30-centimetre present in the Rotuma area.
And he believed that it was because of the El Nino phenomena." - The Fiji TIMES Online

 On the west coast of the U.S. we have Irregular tides where the difference between high and low changes and the tidal high and low changes, the plotted wave form is not symmetric like the diurnal. -TidesOnline
Tides don't "Come in, go out... no miscommunication ever," they are actually quite random at times. So if there is a designer...he's not much of an engineer! So please Bill, stop with this analogy... it's starting to grow old. (You know, old, like your mind...your world view...your...self.)

Cheers to entertainers pretending to be journalist, pretending to be educated people. I'd say he should hit the books, but I'm not sure a man of his age should be hitting anything but the road.

Why did the duck cross the road? Might have been the torrent of wind that blew it's freakin' chicks off...their feet... n/m, just watch this video and try to resist the urg to reach towards your screen to help the little ducklings! :P
Oh good they're ok...OH NO THEY'RE NOT! Awwww the poor duckies...     
Yeh, you know you thought it...

Cheers to nature being every bit as cruel to creatures regardless of their cuteness,