Geekgasm! IBM takes on Jeopardy in a whole new day

It's a fresh test of a brand new kind of computing. Computer giant IBM has developed possibly one of the most amazing computers on Earth! No it's not going to be put in a satellite to orbit the planet, nor will it be in a robot of any kind; it's a Jeopardy contestant!
So that doesn't sound like the most awesome computer ever, but I swear it is. This computer will practice many interesting functions from voice recognition to remembering order and board structure, to decision making and best of all scanning a logical database for answers, or questions rather, for Trebek's approval. 

The show is set to air tonight, so be sure to catch Watson in all his glory. If you, however, are still not convinced this isn't just a way for IBM to show off... consider this next video a demonstration in what Watson means for all of our futures.

Can a computer "learn", can they be trained to analyse and answer questions from data sources? Imagine the functionality of a Watcon-esque Google search capable of scanning millions of data sets to find you just what you asked... and it goes so far beyond this; from medical applications to business analysis to social interactions. IBM reasserts their dominance on the market of ideas by computer human codes and "reading" our existence.

Cheers to analytics technology and the future of computer science!