Fun Science :  The Moon!  (How'd it get there, Bill?!)

Chearlieissocoollike Talks about the moon in this weeks Fun Science Video. Check it out :)
Cheers to science and geeks with cameras.

We've all been holding our breath; it's never really New Years until...! JibJab ring'n in the new year! :)

Cheers to internet companies who make a living from awesome!

You know how the mythbusters are ridiculously awesome... you know that Craig Ferguson is ridiculously awesome... So when Grant Imahara got together with Craig Ferguson and a robotics lab... well this happened! Check it out, you won't regret it. 

Cheers to geeks meet comedians! Never a bad result.
During the night of 5.-6. january 2009 he tried to capture some star trails. This video shows the single frames and the resulting image.

This is an absolutely beautiful video time-lapse; Check it out!
Cheers to the cosmos, the truth may be out there... but it's amazing what we can learn from down here!


Sometimes in life, despite obstacles and hurdles...there are things you've just got to do. This however, didn't really need to be done. (Or did it? 'cause this guy seemed pretty convinced to me!)

With 45 thousand views this jump is getting global attention. He fought the law, and the law won! Friends of the video are urged to donate : "*IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO PLEASE DONATE $1 TO THE JESTER LEGAL DEFENSE FUND*"
Cheers to not letting anyone get you down. Life's full of compromises, conditions, and penalties... why not make it worth it every once in a while?

Another random post for you today. Put together this video after having a discussion with a friend, Amanda, about how math is taught in schools and how if we would teach alternative methods we might be able to get kids more interested in math.
This video explains the use of basic (Power 2) binary code can help kids with simple math problems. 

Watch until the very end to see a special trick for multiplying 2 double digit numbers using a simple graphical trick. 

Cheers to doing things just a little differently and making sense of things by trying another angle,
Who doesn't remember the video from April (It was April 28th 2010 FTR) in which a grade 6 student no one had ever heard of took to the world stage. It was footage of a middle-school pep-rally that launched it all. 

Greyson Chance was only 13 when this video made him internet-famous. It wasn't long before this quaint little Texas tween caught the attention of the popular media as well. He was soon appearing on talk-shows and news stations all over the place to talk about his fantastic cover of "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga. His solo act on the piano was all it took to launch a whole singing career and in just a few short months. From a YouTube clip that was unknown for weeks before being discovered to stardom in so little time, he pushes the boundaries of what's possible in this new age of internet media.

This child prodigy was featured on Ellen DeGeneres's talk show Ellen and was soon-after signed to Ellen's record label. He has just released his first music video and is set to release a single album in the new year. Keep an eye on this one; his talent is going to take him places well beyond the geeky kid from that internet video...

Cheers to the powers of the net to make dreams come true. It's not all rubbish and porn... there's a lighter side to the web, and this is just a small part of it! 


(Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)
Todays little bit of awesome comes from YouTuber Sp0ntanius. This rendition of Majora's Mark played on wine glasses shows us that there really isn't anything that wine doesn't make better! (Except for driving...don't drink and drive) But watch this video!:
Cheers to making no small effort in the fight against a boring existence. Tha