We've all been there before; After a few holiday eggnoggs, Uncle Tim is hearing what you really think of him... or after a few too many at the office party you think to yourself "I could dance the Carlton... it's easy and ALWAYS gets a big laugh!"

Wouldn't it be nice if drinks came with a warning! (and I don't mean from the surgeon general)
Well WateSomeCache.com has gotcha covered! Pick up a 6 pack of these 4"X 4" coasters and warn people of the affects of alcohol abuse (or just remind yourself) and save the holidays this year! Pick them up here!

Got a silly friend? Love wine but fear it might make you look like a snob? Fred and Friends has got your back on this one.

Need to make a good first impression on a date? Want to distract your new flame from your lack of judgement on the choice of a quality wine? Nothing throws a potential critic off quite like a handlebar mustache! It's a great way to break the tension when the family comes down for the holidays (and it's a joke that brings alcohol to the table...so win win!)

You can check out this hilarious corkscrew and a bunch more useful, playful, and insane gift ideas at Fred and Friends' WorldWideFred.com

Now we come to that uncle... you know who I'm talking about. He's been in rehab 5 times and still thinks everyone believes he's off the sauce. Well here's the perfect gift for the incognito alcoholic!

It may look like a cheap Nokia from 1998, but it's actually a 6oz hip flask. No one is going to accuse you of phoning in the gifts this year... (It's a corny joke, but seriously... gift cards? You didn't even try last year...) and for only 12 bucks, this is a must have accessory for anyone about to fall off the wagon

Check this and many more hilarious gifts out at WasteSomeCash.com, where the URL is their business model. 

Up until now the gifts have just been silly, and I know what you're thinking... "I've got this pile of money collecting dust and I really want to spend it on something foolish!" Well I've got good news, this bottle of Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac is now only $37,000! (What a bargain!)

If you're not convinced by the Baccarat crystal decanter that this fine cognac is worth as much as a mid-size luxury car, you can always sample the nectar at the Rose Club at The Plaze Hotel in NewYork for only $2500 per shot.

 I once saw one of these in person, on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. I swore that if that ship went down I'd be found with chilly hands clenched tightly around the neck of this ungodly creation! 


And finishing off our list of Gifts for drinkers, a more sensible option (and slightly more affordable on the non-millionaire's budget) is this amazing wine from Jackson Triggs. Bottle in '08 (but successfully reproduced almost every year) this wine is ready for consumption at the youngest possible age. Rarely do we see this grape in a solo act, and it begs the question why. One sip of this refreshing, approachable and delicate wine and you'll be hooked on Niagara for life.

The 2008 Cabernet Franc Rose is one of those rarities in the world of drinks. It's something that can truly be appreciated by the connoisseur and even surprise and yet delight the entry-level wine enthusiast. The rose style makes this a light wine, great for sipping with light snacks at a holiday gathering. With flavours of strawberry, melon and citrus and a balanced acidity, it pairs well with almost any snack. 

The winemakers at JT would like you to note that "To achieve the perfect balance of distinct color and flavour, the grapes for this vintage were left in contact with the skins for forty eight hours and then gently pressed. The wine was cold fermented and aged in stainless steel to capture vibrant aromatics." This is no exaggeration, because the vibrancy of this wine does not stop at it's rose coloured glow.

This season, celebrate by viewing the world through rose-coloured glasses... just remember, the easiest way to make those glasses rose, is to fill them with the Jackson Triggs Cab-Franc Rosé!
Check it out here.
Or explore the whole winery here.

Cheers to options; cheers to a drink for any occasion, and an occasion to drink!

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