So we're still counting down the day until xmas... I don't personally celebrate it, but it's a great excuse to get gifts! So what the hell, let's keep up our lists. Today's topic is Gifts for Gearheads and we've got quite the assortment.

We start with the essence of awesome, it's on every gearhead's must-have list, and I know I want one; the 6-speed aluminium Gearshit Knbo Umbrella! There's not much to say about this item. If you don't get its awesomeness right away, then you never will! From the folks at BTGMotoring.com, this item is just over 30 bucks and would make you wish every day was a rainy day. Why not shift your gift giving into overdrive with this functional and fashionable item!


Next up,

You've seen them before, but they are back on account of being too awesome to ignore. Miniature turbo chargers for your keys! Yup, they spin and everything! Who wouldn't want to jazz up their key-chain with one of these turbos. Made from metal, they are as durable as they are attractive and they'll make any gearhead's holiday.

Check them out here : http://www.turbojunky.com/product/turbo-keychain

This next one is an easy choice... because we can't be driving all the time, and it's too damn cold out to be working on a car this time of year, why not drive at home in comfort and in style!

Obutto brings us this incredibly awesome home-cockpit which is stylish, stable, fully equipped, and reasonably priced. At only 360 bucks Canadian this aluminium framed, bucket seated desk is a brilliant gift for the gamer, gearhead, or unconventionally lazy geek.

I know I want one, and you can fall in love with them too by clicking here!

Tired of your loved one leaving rings on all the good furniture? Can't get them to use a girly doily or a tacky coaster from the pile you swiped from the pub?
WhiskyGuyD's got you covered this year with the ultimate car-lover's coasters.

You won't have any problem getting them to sue these coasters as they'll want to show them off at every occasion. These 6 brake disk coasters come complete with a caliper stand and are available at  Racecharirs.com

So that concludes our gearhead list of must have gifts this year... check back tomorrow for our 10th day of Xmas which will feature gifts for drinkers, and check back all week for the rest of our Xmas countdown 12 days of Xmas gift lists.

Cheers to the unusual, cause no one needs another sweater this year...

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