So it's that time of year again where everyone is shopping for someone else and you undoubtedly have someone on your list that a little...uhh...different. He or she is a little more, let's say, advanced in the technical cognitive functions and buying them a sweater will probably just piss them off (though if you must, sweater vests are still in amongst geek kind, FYI). So what do you get the geek on your list? Simple; just choose from any of the gifts below (remember, if you don't get it, you should probably get it, 'cause it's probably hilarious!)

First on the list of Ho-Ho-Holy crap this is awesome!:

Nuclear Soap! (Well not really...but check it out!)

Yup that's Uranium Soap! (It's not actual uranium, we're trying to kill BO, not sterilize the population...not that a sterile geek has any more or less of a chance or procreation, but still...)

The glow-in-the-dark soap comes to you from PerpetualKid.com and is a Vegan friendly, Human tested phosphorescent and ocean scented bar of awesome! Pick it up now for only 7 bucks! (US, plus S+H and taxes where applicable...)

Next on our list of Noel Noel No-freakin way gotta have it!:
This Grafish (I see what you did there... graph-ish, Grafish!) calendar!

That's right, 12 months of awesome that fit on the back of a playing card! This 4.4 by 7.6 centimeter card contains all the information you need to navigate your way through 2011. Best off, this gift is virtually free. Just print it off on some nice card-stock, cut it out and away you go you've made their whole year! (On a tiny piece of paper... you cheap bastard...)

Best off the gift is the card, and you didn't have to fight a crowd. This design comes to you from Grafishdesign.it who would like to remind you (beg you) to donate to them for their free and open content. (Yeh, if no one is doling out for Wikimedia what chance do you guys have)


Third on our list of Jesus Christmas what is that!? I want it!
What tech-geek hasn't (or possibly doesn't) work in Technical support? We'll let you in on a little secret, when tech support gets calls about your pitiably tiny insignificant problems (which are all of them for the record) we often find ourselve...uhh, I mean they often find themselves thinking: "Who gives a flying-Expletive!)

Whether they work in tech-support, fast food, or simply like to insult the intelligence of people from the comfort of their homes, help give the geek on your list the ability to give a rat's ass... or a flying F*ck for that matter!

At 20 bucks you'd be a real muggle not to buy one of these! But do let us warn you to beware of who you purchase it for... if it made you think of someone specific, it's probably because they are hard to please. I wouldn't expect any standing ovations from them after opening this gift. Check it out now at ThinkGeek.com

Lastly on our humble list of Holiday Hacks (IRL) we've got the gift for you. Yes you, the one who's been in line since half past nine, whipping out the credit cards like ninja stars...(I'm going to stop rhyming now, it's getting weird).

Yup, it's just what everyone needs. From granny off-her-meds to the mom who's been in the kitchen with a turkey and a beater since yesterday! We could all use to settle down this holiday season with a little chill-pill!

Fred and Friends brings us this (amongst many other) ice "cube" tray which is sure to be the conversation piece for the holiday season!

From whiskies to cocktails of all sorts these pills will keep a smile on your face and remind you... much like all the items listed above; The world we live in is pretty nifty, but it takes a little bit of crazy to make it awesome! Only you can prevent fail gifts!

Also, please, if you drink, make arrangements! Don't drink and drive!

Cheers to a happy (and slightly insane) holiday!


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