Tonbridge, Kent, United Kingdom Specimen: WeevilTechnique: Episcopic illumination

No one will be taken aback by the fact that WhiskyGuyD is a photo-nut. Photography on all scales amazes him, so it's no shock that this next post is about photographic marvels!

Every year BioScapes holds an international digital imaging competition and this years winners are simply incredible. My absolute favorite is this photograph of a weevil by Me. Laurie Knight of Kent in the UK. Taken with episcopic illumination, this photograph is beyond macro!

Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology Munich, Germany Specimen: Daddy longlegs eyes

The photos don't stop at just bug eyes either! Many of the photos submitted this year are of microorganisms and cells. Each one more beautiful than the next. I strongly recommend losing yourself in the gallery by clicking here.

Cheers to BioScape for letting us see the beauty that's all around us...at any scale.

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