2010. What can we say about 2010. For one thing, it marks the end of one helluva crap decade! Flood where there was no water before; Droughts where there was plenty. Running out of oil for our cars; Too much oil on our beaches. War between nations with weapons; Peace between countries unarmed and incapable of fighting. Death to the celebrities we loved; Mel Gibson is still alive...    (Wooo! Too far!)

So all in all this year wasn't that great. Most of the big things we wanted to get done failed (we broke the Large Hadron Collider), and many of the projects we didn't want to see completed were over in record time (Your welcome national banks! How about some of that trickle down economics you greedy old bastards...) We kinda bullocked up the whole year...
On the bright side though, it makes for a great clipshow over at Google HQ, so let's all tune in and watch the future rulers of the world amuse us :

All hail the almighty Google!
I mean cheers, to saying goodbye to 2010, and not a moment too soon!

11/4/2023 08:01:05 pm

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