If only it were proportional...

Most Canadians are indifferent to our politician overlords... Funny enough we've got a few more flavours than the Americans and yet we're still apathetic and quite indifferent to our system. All-the-same I figured I'd show everyone the score card, since it won't be long before the Lib's find themselves in a position where they think they've got a shot and call an election. 
If only the Canadian system was proportional, we'd actually have a couple Green seats... but then again we'd have some Bloc-heads in there as well, so it's a tough sell.
The noticeable changes to this chart in recent times is the growing popularity of the Green Party in Canada. It would seem that more and more people distrust the usual contenders, and E.May's party is gaining popularity. We can only anticipate these results to become completely jumbled in a potential election, but there's one thing that we can all agree on... The attack ads are going to get fired up all over national TV.

Cheers then to Canada's apathy...but not too loud a cheer... keep it civil.

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