I hope he's not charged with a FELINE-ey (Felony...oh n/m!)

America is the land of the free, a place where anyone can come from any walk of life and find a future. "Give us your poor, your tired,..."your particularly judicial and litigious felines!

This short comes from Boston, a town known for disobedient sailors and...well beer... it's a town known for booze. Surprisingly however, this story comes at you like a song from Paloma Faith...Stone Cold Sober!

It would seem that the cat in question, Sal, was marked on the census by Anna, this frisky feline's owner. Sal's name was marked under 'pets' on the last census - she crossed out 'dogs' and said he was a cat. (Yes the American census keeps pet data too... Sidenote: They are still looking to cut things from the budget to chip away at that massive debt. If only their were foolishly simple things that could be eliminated. Hmm.)

It wasn't even enough that Anna returned the jury duty request with a "Unable to perform duty" response, the courts demanded an explanation. On the paperwork Anna's reason was marked as "Doesn't speak English." This seemed the obvious answer to the dilemma. The court is not demanding to see Sal in person, or in not-person rather, to prove that he is indeed not a human. So it would seem Suffolk Superior Crown Court in Boston, U.S. will be having a bring your pet to court day on March 23 this year.

Cheers to... oh hell.. I just like laughing at the Americans' failures :P

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