Well how could I continue to be your Whisky Guyd without bringing you the latest and greatest news from the world of Whiskies... or in this case, Scotches. It's been a long time since anything shook up the world of the Scotch Makers. Little technological advancements and strong traditional distilling techniques have kept a tight wrap on innovation, and have left the trade very stable for an incredibly long time. 

Every once in a while though, something is developed that rocks the boat. This time it's the folks at Scottish Spirits that are introducing a paradigm changing device! Ok, well it's not exactly new technology, nor is it anything we haven't seen before. What they are doing is simply re-appropriating an existing item into the whisky world. This new form of convenient container is just a simple pop-top pop-can. Nothing fancy, just a tin within which lays a great malt...

Market research has shown that people on picnics and outtings (don't judge us; nothing makes a picnic more fun that a few Rye and Cokes!) or even just people heading out to parties, prefer to have a more transport friendly option for their spirits. A single can contains 355ml of Scotch, which adds up to approx. 8 shots. That's 8 shots of 40% (80 proof) Scotch Whisky, not a cocktail or a mixed drink.

Don't go looking for these in the LCBO's just yet; The idea is being pioneered and tested in the Caribbean only, for now at least.

Cheers to a new way to cheers! (We all know these won't make it here, stupid college kids will down them like Pepsi and die...)

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