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It's been four long years, but we finally have an answer. For so long we've pondered the mysterious and illusive ways that cats drink. The conclusions we've found along the way are just simple astonishing!
1. Cats don't use straws... no matter how hard you try!
2. Cats don't like fizzy drinks... gives them gas...
3. Cats have very expensive taste in wine... must be the refined sense of smell
4. There is no #4.
5. I'm just making this rubbish up, let's get back to the real science.

So this is an actual thing, researchers have actually been studying the way cats drink for four years and have released their findings in science journals. It turns out cats all drink the same way. Whether it be a tiny house-cat or a lion, they all employ the same tricks to lap up liquids. The method, sticking a barbed tongue into the liquid and quickly removing it to form a column of liquid that they clamp their mouth shut on before swallowing the fluid. Some cats have even developed the ability to curl their tongues into a ladle like shape to scoop the water into their mouths. Sound a bit weird? Well watch it in slow-mo for yourself: 

Big thanks to the folks at Whiskasnetwork on YouTube for this awesome footage. Here are some more clips of cats defying gravity and snapping their mouths shut over columns of liquid:
Thanks to Wired.com and Gizmodo for their videos of this amazing and yet practical and mundane phenomenon. Check out their article on the study here

Cheers to exposing the unusual bits of awesome all around us... hows that cure for cancer coming science?


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