The internet, a need, a right?

Picture is a charity group that plans to buy a used satellite, and use it as the first step in a network that would provide free Internet access to everyone in the world
A charitable organization known as is finalizing plans to purchase used satellites already orbiting the Earth to broadcast a free internet signal to the planet. Now this isn't a stab at your local ISP, nor is it meant to replace anything that is already there. 
Much in the same way that TV and Radio is freely broadcast without being a threat to Satellite Radio or Cable/Satellite TV networks, this group believes it's a human right to have access to at least the minimum in internet service. The idea is to allow poor and underprivileged people to access the internet for research purposes, or just to generally stay in touch with the world.
More and more we see the influence of internet networking in our society and this group believes this to be a right more than just a privilege. To read more about this group and their efforts, click here.

Cheers to giving everyone access to the world at their fingertips. Knowledge is power and shouldn't come at a cost not payable by most.


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