A half-million people told to F*ck Off on day 1... not bad Alabama!

You guys know that it takes a lot to upset me. I'm a pretty laid back guy. Frankly, I think I should pay attention more because with the state of the world today, we should all be a lot more agitated all the time!
Today is no exception then, but I still attempt to bring this to you as good news. The whole idea of this blog is to bring a bit of "lol" into your day while the news channels remind us that the world is so full of suck it would explode at any time... so how can I spin this one?

We here's the scoop; We'll work on the angle in just a moment. So there's this rich white guy in Alabama. (Not that such a thing has ever caused controversy before!) So this guy is a fine example of being a quintessential product of Alabama's education system. (Sometimes it seems come children should be left behind.) His name is Robert Bentley and he's a bit of a prick. Needless to say, this arrogant and asinine man is very much into politics...

So this last election he got his racist, bigoted and arrogant self elected to the office of Governor. On his official day of swearing in, the moment he became an official member of one of the worlds most powerful governments, he thought he'd propose a little sentiment to his constituency. Bentley said that "if you're a Christian and you're saved ... it makes you and me brother and sister," according to a report in the Birmingham News.

He went on to prove that microphones still work even with your head shoved 9/10th the way up your rectum with this statement: 

"Now I will have to say that, if we don't have the same daddy,
 we're not brothers and sisters, [...] So anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior,
 I'm telling you, you're not my brother and you're not my sister [...]"
It's that sort of high-class assholery that you just can't find in sensible nations. You would never hear a Canadian politician run on about his love for a do-gooder zombie character from an authorless book of fables from the dark ages... but I guess that's what makes us the fun-lovin' crazy canuks! I wonder however, in these times of civil unrest, why is it the moderate ideologues that get to stare down the barrel. How can it be that moderates and humanitarians face persecution and threats of violence, yet men like this, openly hateful, get the glory. It's a shame, and yet somehow makes you feel a heck of a lot better about not being American.  

So I felt the need to write this entry to express my deepest condolences for the nearly 513 thousand Atheists, and who knows how many other non-gospel dwelling citizens of Alabama... but you're not Mr.Bentleys brothers and sisters. I know it's hard to hear...it's difficult to understand how he could tell you that you "don't share a daddy". With any luck you can remind yourself that being excluded from his family is a rather good thing. Let's face facts, his gene pool could use a little chlorine! Hopefully you can live with the knowledge that your government doesn't only not believe in your well-being, or your faith, but now it openly and officially discriminates against you! 

So cheers to being anything but American... in a multicultural world, they still prove that it is indeed possible to be the racist prick at the back of the class that no one will sit next to. 


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