Etymology: Amazon = Uni-Boob!

The word "Amazon" is a Greek derivative from the original "a mazos" which essentially means "without a breast" The word comes, originally, from explorers who had visited the rain-forest tribes where they encountered warrior women. The famed explorer, Orellana, has first wrote about his explorations mentioning these women. 
The tribe he'd encountered on his excursion through the rainforest had a particularly odd tradition; they would cut off on of their breasts (usually the right one) to better utilize their body's strength while pulling a longbow. This form of mastication would be carried out at a young age and the women would grow up to be quite proficient with a bow.

So next time you're shopping on Amazon remember, it means no boob!
Cheers to random realization that the English language holds many weird secrets.
[River of Doubt by Candice Millard]

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