Apple thief!

Feel free to use this image with attribution to Wolfire Games
It's not really news that Apple is selling pirated software and making a profit from crime; It's happened time and time again that the online App-Giant has been caught in scandalous software trading. The latest software developer to be hit by this undermining company is Lugaru HD. The ninja-rabbit style action game is general sold by the Wolfire Games company and has been uploaded in full on to the iTunes store. The odd thing is that Apple has a listing for the game already on the store for 90% less than the retail price.
On the left, a pirated version of the software. On the right, the real deal. So why is it that Lugaru developers are powerless to have the stolen software removed from the site? No one really knows to be honest. Apple is tight lipped about the errors, and is reluctant to event work with software developers to correct these mistakes. Long story short, the company that is usually viewed as the best customer-oriented brand in computers, couldn't care less about developers. Whether they sell stolen merch or genuine articles, Apple makes their cut. So what incentive do they have to not resell illegal copies? Non at all.

So please, when you're shopping on iTunes, check to see you're getting the legitimate copies. Don't screw over hard working developers and programmers... because it won't be long before they fight back. 

Cheers to the inevitable need to start cleaning viruses and hacks out of the iTunes servers. It won't be long before these developers turn to the dark side. Go on Apple Co. push their buttons...keep steeling from them and see where this ends up :)


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