"Canada is still a pretty good country, and worth fighting for" 

Not exactly a sentiment synonymous with Québec culture, but Montréal-based band, Arcade Fire, is urging Canadians to vote! (Just not for Harper.) The band has taken on a political appeal lately and have posted on their official blog (@ arcadefire.com) that they believe strongly in the Canadian political system. They aren't necessarily endorsing any particular political party, but they are encouraging voters to think twice about casting a ballot for Harper.
"Our current leader has championed some pretty destructive initiatives on everyone's behalf," the post said. "It's really important to get out and vote on May 2nd."
The blog has since been removed, but it contained many links to News stories bashing the Harper Government in different ways. The band has not apologized for the blog entry and stands by what was written. They have extended the courtesy of removing the post, but that may have been on the advice of their PR department.

Cheers to Canadians. Even as musicians or celebrities, politics and Canadianna matters.

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