Recap... of the day! Batmobile SOLD!

Ohhh I can't wait to find out which of my friends bought me the Batmobile for me birthday; and what a steal it was too. If you've already read "Holy eBay Batman!" then you know all about the #3 car from the famed Batman Returns movie from 1992. The cars were built between 89 and 92 and from the 3 that were used in the movie, #3 was the best kept. (I guess that probably also means it wasn't involved in any of the best action shots...but oh well.)

Anyways, the owners of the cars decided it was time to move on and they have started selling off their collection. The #3 car was posted on eBay earlier this week and was given a "Buy it now" price of a half million bucks! That proved to be a little ambitious as the car only fetched US $370,100.00 after the 25th bid.

The final bidder is a man from Florida. No news yet on whether the car will join a private collection or if it will be placed on display for the public. We can only hope that after a few selfish years of playing batman in his driveway, the owner might consider reselling the car to a museum of sorts.

Cheers to childhood fantasy!

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