Hey, remember on the 12th I posted that video of Vladimir Putin "playin; dat funky music, white boy"?... and I may have taken a jab at Stephen Harper by saying I'd like to see him perform some songs like that...

Well some of my "conservatives-are-people-too" friends (there goes half my readership) decided to fill my inbox with clips of Stephen Harper kickin' it, as the youngsters today say...(i'm told)

Anyways, I do have to tip my hat to Prime Minister Harper for honouring the anniversary of John Lenon's passing by singing "Imagin" in front of an audience just the other week... here are those clips. Photo: (Pawel Dwulit/ The Canadian Press)

Stephen Harper gets by with a little help from his friends as he makes a surprise appearance at the National Arts Centre to sing the Beatles' hit with famed cellist Yo Yo Ma

Source: CTV Television Inc.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper sings Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
Stephen Harper plays a short tribute to the late John Lennon of the Beatles in Ottawa on December 8th, 2010
Now, of course, he didn't sing the controversial pro-atheist lyrics... (he may be Canadian, but he's still a Conservative)

Cheers to world-leaders acting like real people, occasionally. (Where was this Human Emotion at the G20 you rat-bast... I mean, Sir.)


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