Dislike, what a polite way to say it..!

He's the tween everyone loves to hate, so this news wasn't much of a shock to me. But, it's official! Justin Bieber's "Baby" featuring Ludacris is the most utterly disliked video in YouTube history! Out of the 455 million views the video has recieved an astonishing 901 THOUSAND dislikes! (Which is made all the better knowing that it's only received about half as many "Likes")

YouTube helped this guy launch his career and it seems the community favors a rather abrupt end to it too!
Now I'm not posting this video here so you'll watch it...no no. I want you to click the little "play in YouTube" button and...

Let's make it a million!!!

There's no reason why we can't find another 99 thousand people who dislike this video! Let's help push this one over the top and make it the first ever YouTube vid to be down-voted, dislikes, shammed! more than a million times! We have the power!

Cheers to the little boy from Ontario who proved to the world that you can get rich by being a little douchy tween... kinda gives you hope for your own life, doesn't it?

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